Ok, so a note of forewarning… I didn’t book with A Floral Note. Why am I writing this review then? Well, it’s because I was so impressed with Elizabeth’s customer service as a non-customer that I wanted to share my experience! I was planning to go the DIY route to make my small floral budget stretch. About three months before the wedding, I started panicking a bit about all of the details – I didn’t know where to start with quantities, what if I messed up a 1k+ DIY project, how would I transport everything day of, etc. In my panic, I contacted a number of florists to say, “Here’s my small budget, here’s my long list of wants, what can you suggest?” Several florists responded with, “Sorry, your budget is under our minimum. Let us know if your budget changes” or something similar. Even though my budget was also (significantly) below A Floral Note’s event minimum, Elizabeth took the time to respond TWICE with some words of encouragement to continue my DIY journey, resources to check out, and tips and tricks to cut back on the number of flowers needed to make my money stretch further. All of this came AFTER she knew I wouldn’t be a paying customer. I’m so impressed by the customer service she provided to someone she knew wouldn’t be booking with her. She’s extremely genuine in her care about your wedding and so helpful. I can imagine that the same level of service (or even better!) goes into her interactions with brides/grooms who choose her to join their vendor team. Give her a call or send her an email… you won’t be disappointed!


-Tori, March 2017 bride