DIY Wedding Flowers

If you are a DYI bride, then this option is for you! Flower ordering and processing can be time consuming and tricky, not to mention disastrous if not done properly (wilted flowers, anyone?). Let me take care of the sourcing, the ordering and the processing so that you can have fun designing with your loved ones!

DIY locally grown wedding flowers

While DIY flower packages are available all over these days, working with me means that you get fresh, unique blooms and without the stress of having to unpack and care for them in the busy week leading up to your wedding.

So don’t worry – there is a DIY option that lets you save on cost without the nightmares about them arriving wilted or broken. I am still here to help you every step of the way.

local flowers for DIY brides

What is included:

  • 1 hr design consultation to help you choose your flower varieties – you get to pick my designer brain!
  • Sourcing and ordering your flowers for you
  • Delivery to my studio
  • Processing, care, and storage of your flowers
  • 5 gal buckets for flower transport (must be returned after the wedding)
  • Info sheet on design basics
  • Info sheet on flower care
  • Suggested supply list
Tucson DIY wedding flowers
Photo by Jessica Antonio Photography

Why choose me:

  • Connections directly with local AZ farms so you can feel good about where your flowers are coming from
  • Ability to find unique varieties
  • No babysitting flowers leading up to your wedding day
  • A “designer’s eye” to help with picking colors and varieties
  • Quality, healthy blooms vs the mystery of opening up a box in the mail
  • Professional processing and care of your flowers so they are fresh for your wedding day

If this speaks to your creative heart and you want to talk more, shoot me an email to get started: