A Note About Color

I’ve been noticing a wave. It’s been building slowing, so slowly it wasn’t really noticeable at first, but it’s been growing and stretching and it’s starting to make people pause breathless and say “…wow.”

It’s the return of color!

While blush and white may be the traditional, classic colors for wedding flowers, and will never really go out of style, I have been excited to see more and more color show up on the wedding flower scene.

Personally, I have always loved color. As a kid, I felt pressured to have a favorite color, but never really settled on one. I liked red, and then purple, for a long time (hello purple bedroom walls!), but I always found myself saying “but, I like THAT color, too!” Eventually, I just started saying “I like all the colors.” Because it really is true.

As a generalization, I think people tend to fear color a little – we don’t want too much in our house, or on our clothes, for fear it won’t match or will be too bold or will go out of fashion.  As I grew up I noticed that I started to “play it safe” with color, too… but now I’ve swung the other way.

Bring on all the colors. Bust out the fear of being too bold or clashing or going out of style.


Tucson az flowers
Top: Campanella Garden Rose, double daffodil, butterfly ranunculus Middle: parrot tulip, ranunculus, Juliet garden rose Bottom: Kansas Red peony, Purple Fancy carnation, Darcey garden rose


To me, color represents LIFE. Joy. There are as many different colors and tones and combinations as there are people, I think.  Even in the hot desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona there is color, texture, and variety to be found. Perhaps, oddly enough, it was the desert that really taught me how to see the color around me.

So, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite colors, and favorite flower varieties. Nothing fancy, just me, some colorful blooms, and my faithful garage-door-photo backdrop. There will be a post about yellow, orange, and berry tones, just to start.

God didn’t create a black and white world. He made color and gave us eyes to see it. Let’s soak it in together.


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