the pause

A friend and fellow artist once told me, “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire,” so that is what I am doing. In a world where the sole focus is the next dollar, the next appointment, or the next item on the to do list, I want to make people stop. To breath deep. To see color and texture.

Flowers make us do that, and that pause is what sets my soul on fire.



I grew up in southwest Virginia with a dad who gardened and a mom that encouraged me to bring the outdoors in. Home of the orange and maroon Hokies, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and hazy pink summer nights. The abundance of wildflowers and vegetation were always attracting me to play with, care for and arrange. I remember one particular time when a family friend had a new baby, and I put together fall leaves and wildflowers to make some kind of door hanging. It never made it to the friends house, because the dusty leaves all fell apart, and it actually wasn’t very pretty,  but I guess it shows that even when I was little I was trying to pull nature together in a bundle to give to people.


Another time my dad said “maybe you consider doing this {working with flowers} as a career!” I shrugged him off, as many teens do to their parents, but later I realized that he was right. If I could take my talents and combine them with something that brings me and others joy, AND income… that is what we were created for.  Life is too short to not make a difference, and to not do something that you love. When you can find that sweet spot where the two meet, it really something special.

Kind of like when you meet that special someone who patiently walks through the pile of  left over greenery all over the kitchen floor, instead of getting mad about it. Or someone who understands that if you want fresh groceries in the house, then a little extra cash needs to be budgeted to buy some grocery store flowers (yes, I bribe myself to go food shopping by getting some flowers to play with when I get home). That’s Andrew. When we were dating he learned pretty quick just to send me bulk flowers and let me fix them myself. He has never fussed about the mess I made when I am arranging  (and it’s a big mess, folks) or complained that I am always drawn to dark pink blooms (when pink is his least favorite color on the planet and he would rather not have any in his house).  Thank goodness he isn’t allergic to pollen, too! Yep, he is a gem. It always amazes me that he would rather me do something I love and that makes me happy then do something that makes a lot more money, but I am miserable at.


Life can be crazy, though, and it keeps you on your toes not matter how great your soulmate it. There are house repairs and dogs and job schedules and grocery lists and bills and endless to do lists…  but flowers are my way of taking a break from it all. It’s soothing and satisfying, and just smelling them makes my brain smile. In order to smell the roses, though, you really do have to stop. If you hurry too much you will miss the gift that flowers bring! Quiet moments are hard to come by these days, and hitting the pause button is even rarer. It’s something you have to commit to, to practice.

I think I’ll practice hitting the pause button with flowers.

Want to join me?

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